About Molunat

Molunat is a settlement located in the beautiful region of Konavle, at the far south of the Dalmatian coastline, only 40 km from Dubrovnik.

Molunat fell under the rule of the powerful, autonomous Republic of Ragusa in the 15th century, and the ruins of a former wall on the inland section of the Molunat peninsula can be seen to this day.

It is all about the water here in Molunat! With its enviable location on very southern end of the Dalmatian coast, the mild micro-climate, and the clear blue waters, the bay is the perfect place for water sports.  

The best destination for a day trip

Molunat is a small, picturesque fishing village equally distant from the famous Croatian town of Dubrovnik (historically called Ragusa) and the town of Kotor (Cattaro) in Montenegro. The Dubrovnik airport is only 20km away. Molunat is far removed from polluting sources, and therefore has some of the clearest and cleanest seawater in the Adriatic.

Molunat is village with a safe and protected bay; a hidden gem between Dubrovnik and Montenegro, in the heart of Konavle County on the southern end of the Dalmatian coast. Whether for a day trip, a holiday, or to use as a base to explore the area, you will find everything you need.

Being ecologically preserved, and blessed with its own mild micro-climate, it is the perfect place to relax and revive your soul. Loved by locals and visitors alike, life in harmony with nature.